Iceland’s Best Waterfalls


‘Foss’ was the first word I learnt in Icelandic.  Thanks to my waterfall-loving husband, it was dotted all over the map for our Iceland road trip before we even set foot in the country.  Iceland is heaven for waterfall fans: it literally overflows with them, thanks to a happy combination of climate, geology and location. Melting glaciers, rain and snow lead to lots of water, and Iceland’s volcanic geology has formed countless ridges and drops for it all to tumble off.



You’d think that with an abundance of waterfalls, they’d all start looking the same eventually, and that’s what I was afraid of before we set off. Yet somehow, every single waterfall along our road trip was different and beautiful in its own way. It was super-tough whittling them down for this list. But, without further ado, I present the waterfalls I believe to be the best in Iceland after driving around a good chunk of the country. They’re arranged in ascending order, and I think the last one may have ruined me for all other waterfalls.


I’ve pinned them all to the map below – click through the pages to see each one and find out more about it!


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